Bellevue College Spring 2013-Student Watercolor Paintings

We had such a fun group of watercolor students this spring at Bellevue College with a wide range of painting subjects. The chemistry in the room was alive with interaction and¬†camaraderie of an international flavor. Here are the amazing results. It’s hard to believe that many were first time painters who worked on these large paintings, mostly 14 x 21″, for the 8 week course. Teaching continues to inspire me to paint more!

Briand Sanderson's Hummingbird

Howard Frank's Outdoor Cafe

Elisabeth Jenni's Tropical Flower

Veronique Bajzik's Family Walk in the Park

Yael Yanich's Water Lily

Matthew Mariano's Wife

Kryssta Riley Rainbow Eyes

Kryssta Riley's Woman in Hat

Neele Boye's Rainbow Rose-unfinished



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