Student watercolors-Bellevue College fall 2012

Enjoy these finished paintings from the students of my Watercolor For Illustration class at Bellevue College this past fall.  My recent enthusiasm for flower painting is evident in several of these, all working from their own photos.  As first time painters its a challenge to jump into painting large, but the scale and use of photo reference encourages the commitment needed to learn control of the medium and finish a painting on a deadline, as an illustration assignment would require.  A finished work of art is the happy result and readiness to tackle illustration or commission assignments. These are all half sheet paintings, about 14″ x 20″ in size.  My next class starts January 14 for 8 weeks.  It’s a great way to spend the dark days of winter immersed in color.  Here’s the work from the fall students and a couple of bonus paintings sent to me from earlier students!

Rimma Oks's Orchid - Watercolor © 2012

Yuko Miki's Water Lily - Watercolor © 2012

Bonnie Bruenderman's Calla Lily - Watercolor © 2012

Melissa repeated the class to do the sunset below after her earlier Methow Valley sky painting last winter.

Melissa Firuz's Ocean Sunset - Watercolor © 2012

Poorwa took my class in the spring then applied her skills in a Children’s Book illustration class creating this painting.  Scroll through my teaching posts to see her spring 2012 painting of the Coliseum.

Poorwa Sarkari's children's book illustration - Watercolor © 2012

Anthony was also a student from last winter who sent me his next beautiful mountain landscape.  You can see his previous landscape and Melissa’s by scrolling through the teaching posts to winter 2012.

Anthony Marquez's Big Jim Mountain - Watercolor © 2012

Thanks to all my students for an inspiring year. They are amazing!

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