Seeing Green for Saint Patrick’s Day

With the higher demand for vector illustration these days I’ve been recreating some of my favorite traditionally drawn images as vector art.  This gives me a chance to update the line work to my current stroke styling, opening it up.  Below is the original art for a packaging design for Caravali Coffee’s Irish Creme flavor.   I credit that assignment with the birth of my current style.   With creative freedom, I had 13 flavors to illustrate, creating a new direction and a new portfolio to present to a wider market.  The strong line and vivid color has found many uses in print and web as seen on this web site.  My styling lends itself well to vector, don’t you think?   But, I still welcome any opportunity to paint!  Let’s paint the town GREEN!

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  1. steve kelly says:

    Reminds me of some green spray paint and stencil of shamrocks — early graffiti “art” in downtown Swarthmore. Trouble. Very good to stumble upon your work. I too make art, sell it too, at Botanica Fine Art in Bozeman, Montana. Hope you’re well and enjoying life. Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

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