Meet my new assistant!


Alex Ballenger

Alex Ballenger is an art student on leave to figure out what she ultimately wants from art school.   She has big aspirations for a career in art.  By assisting various artists in different ways, she’s getting a broad, hands on look at the creative and business side of the lives of artists and illustrators.

Alex joined my studio in January to help me with the daunting tasks of managing and updating the image files for my illustration and fine art web sites, my Workbook online portfolio and my store. Her familiarity with photoshop and Mac computers made it an easy fit, and, she’s a fast learner.  It took me way too long to realize that I needed help and to let up on my do-it-ALL-myself philosophy of self employment. She’s handling the tasks that have been easy for me to put off and avoid, but by showing up twice a week I’m able to keep her busy and know that my internet marketing is getting cleaned up, on track and ultimately, expanding.  Thanks Alex!

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