Illustration for Web Site Header

I Love Learning - Home Care Institute

Lu Post came to the right place when she contacted me to illustrate a header for her institute’s web site which trains home health caregivers. Its an e-learning/computer training course for the home health and hospice industries whose main icon is an apple. She was looking for something colorful and happy. ”I want to convey the following emotions from the image – engagement, happiness, enthusiasm. That’s why we love your illustrations. They all convey these emotions to us.” She referred to several images on my searchable stock page for color schemes that she liked.

With that encouragement, these required elements to fit into the long skinny banner proportions fell right into place:

  1. End-users are female nurses (30-40 years old).
  2. a warm, happy and colorful home setting.
  3. female working on a laptop at a dining room table (instead of a desk) that’s in front of a sunny window with flowers. Preferred flowers: star lilies.
  4. an engaged expression.
  5. a coffee cup that says “I (heart) Learning”.
  6. a hint of medical reference without the subject wearing scrubs or a lab coat.
  7. with an apple as their icon/theme, include one or more apples in the image.
  8. with an office is full of dog lovers (especially Yorkies), incorporate a dog.

Once a sketch was approved, I executed the final image that you see above as a vector drawing to read best on the web. I got all elements squeezed into the designated space and it was received with enthusiasm.  With great direction, such as Lu provided, its much easier to deliver great results. Here’s the link as seen on the web with the logo connected to the artwork.

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