Identity-logo development

I was contacted by Heather LaFleur, a designer in Germany, working for a client in Montreal, Quebec, Canada for a true international collaboration. She wanted to explore several ideas for an illustrated identity which would be used as her logo on the web, stationary,  business cards and in-office product. The client, Dr. Sandra McGill, a plastic surgeon, felt an affinity for Nike, the Winged Victory statue at the Louvre in Paris, France. She also wanted to consider a single torso, and an overlapping group of three torsos. A version of the placed logo can be seen on Dr. McGill’s web site at where the image is toned down and emerges to be a subtle background.

Follow here as I develop the project from concept to completion.

First sketch and first revision:

We realized when the image was flipped, we could create the client’s S.M. initials in the feathers of the wings.










Solo torso options:







1.  vector                           2.  vector                    3.  sketch from sumi painting

Torso grouping options:







1.  From solo above      2.  Three different bodies       3.  Abstraction-profiles only

Buyout – Revised first sketch proceeds to finish

My concept of the Winged Victory statue art was approved and I won the contract to refine the image further for use as a logo. I explored several painting techniques from loose and rough to tight and refined and even vector. The client also wanted to consider adding a head or part of one to reflect the part of her work on faces. Here are some of those renderings.










Black ink brush line       Ink line /Watercolor tone         Bold Brush               Sumi ink with tone


Final selected icon – Watercolor toned line on Arches cold press paper


From the design blog of Heather LaFleur about this process.

Visit these links for more background story:


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