“Diva Divine” – New Flower Painting

"Diva Divine" © 2013 Sandy Haight. 27 5/8" x 20.5"

I just added a large new painting to my Fine Art web site, the first full sheet sized painting of this series.  Looking into a blooming iris with its constellation of sparkles and patterns, its fluff of golden beards, and its richly veined purple and blue petals its easy to get lost as if in an other worldly landscape. The iris sings. This diva is divine.

2 Responses to ““Diva Divine” – New Flower Painting”

  1. ak says:

    It is amazing, so beautiful to look at; so realistic and at the same dreamlike. Simply, “Wow”!

  2. paul grissom says:

    wow! THAT’S wonderful!

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