Bellevue Student Watercolor Paintings

Bellevue Skyline © Juliette Fiessinger

Shanghai Clothesline © Jessica Brown

Blooming Cactus © Rodney Hill


Frog © Joseph Doll

Camel © Nicholas Butcher

Sidewalk Tulips © Shannon Olszewski

Woods Walking © Sara Franzen

Sara at the Wall © Ibetth Baltazar Salazar

I continue to be impressed by the student paintings from my Watercolor for Illustration class at Bellevue College. The first 3 are Fall quarter 2013 students. The others are winter quarter 2014 painters. Most are first time painters in watercolor and show great promise. The students learn a methodical approach to painting with watercolor, using their own photos or illustration concepts as guides. They learn how to soak and stretch the paper, use masking fluid to protect the white of the paper from background paint colors, and apply washes and textures to get the desired colors and special effects. The variety of subjects keeps me on my toes in guiding them to these wonderful results. I’m inspired and I hope they all continue to paint for illustration or for personal pleasure.

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