AMAZING watercolors! Student paintings-Spring 2012 Bellevue College

Once again my students impressed and inspired me with their watercolor paintings. We met one night a week for 10 weeks at the Bellevue College north campus. Most are beginners at using watercolor, some with other art experience.  Working from photos of their choice to practice matching colors and controlling the media they end up with a half sheet sized painting suitable for framing. Here’s a display of the finished paintings:

1. A returning student, Rodney Hill did 2 atmospheric seascape paintings this term, really capturing the surf.  At the end of the post are his paintings from winter term 2011.

"Beach Scene" by Rodney Hill

"Waves" by Rodney Hill

2. Margie Holzer completed her second painting on her own taking on 2 difficult subjects, babies and furry creatures.

"Magic Kisses" by Margie Holzer

"Sadie" by Margie Holzer

3. As a lover of Italian architecture, Purva Sarkari took on a very complex image of the Coliseum in Rome and made it beautiful and intricate spending time outside of class to accomplish this.

"The Coliseum" by Purva Sarkari

4. Ketheren Zanaqui honored her boyfriend’s Iron Man medal in this double portrait of him with his dad.  She persisted for many, many layers to get a rich, glowing dark background by mixing colors…no black paint allowed….and paid tight attention to detail in the faces and graphic details in the shirts and signs.

"Iron Man" by Ketheren Zanaqui

Congratulations all!

Rodney Hill, who painted the above seascapes, took my class last year and documented the steps of this painting from masking, developing the sky, figuring out how to paint the branches and finally the bird.  I use his documentation to introduce students to the process, from photo reference to painting.  Here’s his first painting from a photo he took from his deck.

“Jay in Tree” by Rodney Hill

And another small study of the Stellers Jay:

"Stellers Jay" by Rodney Hill, 5.5" x 9.5"

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    A masterful teacher has masterful students.. You are amazing…

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