“Unflappable” sumi book illustrations

Hot off the press from Conari Press is a long awaited book by Ragini Michaels titled “Unflappable:  Six Steps to Staying Happy, Centered , Peaceful – No Matter What.”

I contributed several sumi paintings to this book about navigating the paradoxes of life, represented by the infinity loop,  that has us continually cycling through the polarities of our emotions.  Ragini draws upon the wisdom of the mystics and contemporary psychology to give us a process to become truly unflappable in a “land of  unresolvable dilemmas.”

Ragini has been a pleasure to work with.  Her upcoming webinar will feature 26 of my illustrations in a whole new style.  Stay tuned.  Congratulations, Ragini, on realizing the dream of this book coming into being.

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