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Dara McKinley describes our serendipitous collaboration on her web site. Dara always makes me feel like a goddess and is a joy to work with.  We saw this image grow from a t-shirt idea, coming soon, to her realization that this image embodied her identity and now appears on her newly designed web site, VOLVER-Returning to Our Feminine Essense.

Sandy Haight is a fine artist who designed the sumi logo for this site. I first saw her art in a local gallery and immediately contacted her about creating a t-shirt. My logo above was the first image she sent me. I opened the file and to my pleasant surprise discovered that she drew my ass:) I had no need to look any further. “She” was the one. Sandy is a dream to work/create with and has a beautiful gift for the sensuality of nature and art.

This sumi-e figure was created for a show at ArtEast Gallery in Issaquah, WA where artists were invited to draw the figure on 1/2 sheets of tan Rives BFK paper to create a unified figure show titled Drawing on Observation.  I went to a life drawing session with my biggest sumi brushes and a stack of the sturdy paper and had some fun results, seen here.


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