Logo art

Logo for annual scientific meeting

Friday, June 6th, 2014

Cure the Kids-Logo for annual meeting.

I’ve just added this new logo to my portfolio of Logo Art.

The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation has a special meeting each year to address the progress in the research to help children suffering from brain tumors. The conference theme is “Translating Discoveries to Cure the Kids.” I developed this logo for them, adapted from another version of the design that I provided for the program covers for last year’s meeting. The heart-helix concept so well represents the purpose and title of this think tank-like meeting that they chose to brand the annual meeting with this design. With tweaks to thicken the strands and neutralize the colors of the heart helix, this design became the logo for the annual event. I created the artwork in Adobe Illustrator. Learn more about the PBTF’s work athttp://www.curethekids.org/.

It feels great when my artwork serves a good cause.

Logo icon for divorce attorney

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

I was asked by Elizabeth Myhr, product development and program manager for Amanda DuBois, to develop the icon portion of a logo for their new product. The program consist of a series of cloud-based, expert videos that help women negotiate divorce through an empowering life transition as they move into the next stages of their lives. I worked with my friend and designer Mitch Albala, who chose the lettering and colors.  Of the many ideas we explored, this was my favorite choice, because it lent a sense of hope and renewal to what is otherwise a difficult and sad situation.  I tried symbols of open arms, birds in flight, spirals and stylized letters from the word Divorganize. The circle-spiral symbolizes a wedding band, broken, but also open ended.

Here’s a sample of a DVD case design showing the logo in use and a great picture of Amanda.



Fitness for Seniors logo

Friday, July 1st, 2011
Logo for company specializing in senior fitness programs

Mud Puddle Fitness

One of the most satisfying parts of working with a start up company on their logo or identity is that I get to share in the enthusiasm and optimism of their entrepreneurial spirit. Lisa Steubing is launching a fitness program for seniors in Seattle called Mud Puddle Fitness for defiant seniors who don’t want to stop having fun, such as, by tromping through puddles.  Here’s what she said in her email to me this week:

Sandy, The wonderful logo helps people feel assured that I am a legitimate business! The Arthritis Foundation is letting me sponsor myself for some truly wonderful training – which is pretty rare for them. Yesterday, I handed my card to a Physical Therapist and she immediately saw me as a colleague!
Thank you, thank you!

Identity-logo development

Sunday, June 12th, 2011

I was contacted by Heather LaFleur, a designer in Germany, working for a client in Montreal, Quebec, Canada for a true international collaboration. She wanted to explore several ideas for an illustrated identity which would be used as her logo on the web, stationary,  business cards and in-office product. The client, Dr. Sandra McGill, a plastic surgeon, felt an affinity for Nike, the Winged Victory statue at the Louvre in Paris, France. She also wanted to consider a single torso, and an overlapping group of three torsos. A version of the placed logo can be seen on Dr. McGill’s web site at http://www.sandramcgill.ca where the image is toned down and emerges to be a subtle background.

Follow here as I develop the project from concept to completion.

First sketch and first revision:

We realized when the image was flipped, we could create the client’s S.M. initials in the feathers of the wings.










Solo torso options:







1.  vector                           2.  vector                    3.  sketch from sumi painting

Torso grouping options:







1.  From solo above      2.  Three different bodies       3.  Abstraction-profiles only

Buyout – Revised first sketch proceeds to finish

My concept of the Winged Victory statue art was approved and I won the contract to refine the image further for use as a logo. I explored several painting techniques from loose and rough to tight and refined and even vector. The client also wanted to consider adding a head or part of one to reflect the part of her work on faces. Here are some of those renderings.










Black ink brush line       Ink line /Watercolor tone         Bold Brush               Sumi ink with tone


Final selected icon – Watercolor toned line on Arches cold press paper


From the design blog of Heather LaFleur about this process.

Visit these links for more background story:




Logo design for middle school girls

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

Here’s a logo that I just completed for Ed Lab Group, funded by a grant to teach Google’s Sketch Up to middle school girls this summer.  I’m usually asked to draw logos with an illustration, so this was a fun experience to create this text only logo completely in Adobe Illustrator using fonts, brushes and 3D effects.  Part of the project was to provide a compatible header and footer to for Word files.  I offered up my watercolor splatter border which gave the logo a lively BOOST and gave me the sense of a playful hand in there.   Here’s the evolution of this design, picked from several options, as it made its way to the final at the top of this post.  Thanks to Laura Enman for her clear art direction.